CD Cover Photo (pocket change anniversary double CD)




It has been a busy year for Nathan Temby.


To commemorate the tenth anniversary of his debut CD, “Pocket Change”, the singer-songwriter spent the first half of the year putting the finishing touches on a new collection titled “Younger Days” featuring demos and b-sides from that 2006 album. The celebration culminated in a solo concert at Sacramento’s Geery Theater where he took the stage to perform songs from the last ten years of his career. This intimate concert in front of his hometown crowd was recorded and he has spent the weeks since readying it for the release of his first double live album. 



And it will finally be available for everyone to devour in November as a double album. All 21 songs from the concert are featured along with the in-between antics that ensued. Also of note: there will be 5 bonus tracks of music previously only available through digital retailers. Digital singles such as “Home Away From Home”, “This Is The Kind Of Love”, and “Unconditional” will be included for the first time on CD.


“This year marks the end of an era for me,” Nathan says of the anniversary. “It was a chance for me to look back and take stock. Now, with the live album, I feel like it’s all been put together in a nice package and I can begin my next adventure.”


What his next musical journey will be is being kept a secret for the time being. Until then, we have over two hours of music to tide us over. 


The Pocket Change Anniversary Concert double album will be available physically and digitally on CDBaby, iTunes, & Amazon on November 18, 2016.



Downtown (Live)

Atlantis (Live)

Sweet Denmark (Live)

Baggaged Ones (Live)

Sand (Live)

Cheshire (Live)

How It’s Always Been (Live)

Hostage (Live)

Even You (Live)

Double Platinum (Live)

Prayer (Live)

Burned Under The Rain (Live)

Kissing The Snow (Live)



Soldier (Live)

Valentine (Live)

The Last Bells (Live)

This Is The Kind Of Love (Live)

Younger Days (Live)

Home Away From Home (Live)

Seattle Lullaby (Live)

Pocket Change (Live)



Seattle Lullaby (Radio Edit)

Unconditional (Studio Version From “A Simple Man”)

Pocket Change (Live at Cabaret Awesome 2013)

This Is The Kind Of Love (Studio Version)

Home Away From Home (Studio Version)