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  1. Downtown (Live)

  2. Atlantis (Live)

  3. Sweet Denmark (Live)

  4. Baggaged Ones (Live)

  5. Sand (Live)

  6. Cheshire (Live)

  7. How It’s Always Been (Live)

  8. Hostage (Live)

  9. Even You (Live)

  10. Double Platinum (Live)

  11. Prayer (Live)

  12. Burned Under The Rain (Live)

  13. Kissing The Snow (Live)



  1. Soldier (Live)
  2. Valentine (Live)
  3. The Last Bells (Live)
  4. This Is The Kind of Love (Live)
  5. Younger Days (Live)
  6. Home Away From Home (Live)
  7. Seattle Lullaby (Live)
  8. Pocket Change (Live)
  9. Seattle Lullaby (Radio Edit)
  10. Unconditional
  11. Pocket Change (Live at Cabaret Awesome)
  12. This Is The Kind of Love
  13. Home Away From Home




The Pocket Change Anniversary Concert (Double Live CD)

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